In order to support racers better and provide more general informations we created FAQ page. The list will grow as the questions pops, if you want to help you are welcome to ask your own.


Ilok is the easternmost town of the Republic of Croatia. It rises above the Danube, surrounded by the slopes and magnificent vineyards of Fruška Gora.
Here you can find other USEFUL INFORMATION e.g. Doctor, Pharmacy, ATM locations, Petrol stations, Foreign exchange office, Customs …
Here you can find information about touristic activities, where you can stay and what you can do when in Ilok.


To/From Ilok


From ZAGREB (340 km/3h 45 min): highway – exit for Županja; route: Vinkovci – Vukovar – Ilok
From ZAGREB (alternative route): (66 km/1h) highway – exit for Lipovac; route: Nijemci – Tovarnik – Lovas - Ilok
From OSIJEK (69 km/1h 5 min): regional road D2; route: Vukovar – Ilok
From BELGRADE (134 km/1h 45min): highway – exit for Šid; route: border crossing Principovac – Ilok


Online Timetable & Tickets here.
Bus station phone: Vukovar: +385 60 337799 / Vinkovci: +385 60 332233 / Osijek: +385 60 334466


By train to Vinkovci or Osijek railway station, then by bus to Ilok.
Online Timetable & Tickets here.
Train station phone Vinkovci: +385 32 308215 / Osijek: +385 31 205155


The Danube waterway, the port of Ilok or Vukovar, then by bus to Ilok. Information here.


The Danube cycling route: Udvar (H) – Bilje – Osijek - Vukovar – Ilok. Information here & here.
Treba dodati Eurovelo 6 i Eurovelo 13 rute također



Osijek Airport

Vukovarska 67, Klisa / Phone/fax. +385 31 514441 or +385 31 514442 or +385 31 514456
Bus to Ilok information here. In case there is no bus to Ilok, go to Vukovar and from there to Ilok or get a rent-a-car in Osijek.

Zagreb Airport

Timetable and phone +385 60 320320 / Bus to Ilok information here .

Belgrade Airport

From Belgrade to Ilok by bus here.

Dubrovnik is a stunningly intact walled city on the Adriatic Sea coast of the extreme south of Croatia.

Accomodation in Hotels, Villas, Apartments, Camps and Hostels.

What to do while in Dubrovnik check here and here. City guides and sight seeing routes here.

Dubrovnik travel agencies here, information offices here and Tourist board here.

To/From Dubrovnik



From Western Europe:

1. Via Rijeka – motorway and continental road:
Rijeka - Senj - Žuta Lokva - Gospić - Dugopolje - Vrgorac - Ploče (motorway) - Dubrovnik.

2. Combination of Adriatic Highway (coastal road) and motorway:
Rijeka - Senj - Karlobag - Maslenica - Split - Makarska – Ploče (motorway) - Dubrovnik.
There are many different combinations using coastal roads and sections of the motorway. If taking the Adriatic Highway, one can enjoy the seaside scenery. The other option is taking the motorway, which passes through the continental part of the country, where the landscape is different, but no less picturesque.

From Central Europe:

1. Via Zagreb
Zagreb - Karlovac - Žuta Lokva - Gospić - Dugopolje - Vrgorac - Ploče (motorway) - Dubrovnik.
It is possible to combine this route with the Adriatic Highway.

2. Via Osijek (across Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Osijek - Slavonski Brod (or Brčko) - Sarajevo - Mostar - Metković - Dubrovnik / Sarajevo - Foča - Trebinje - Dubrovnik


Bus Terminal Dubrovnik here / Tel: +385 60 305 070


Ferry Dubrovnik - Bari – Dubrovnik / Information and timetables here.


Dubrovnik Airport is about 20 kilometres from Dubrovnik. Information and timetable here.

Organized bus transfer to Dubrovnik is available upon arrival for each regular flight. On departure, the bus leaves the main bus terminal 1.5 hours before every Croatia Airlines and Austrian Airlines flight. For all other regular flights, a bus departs from the main bus terminal approximately 2 hours before the flight. Tickets are bought from the bus driver and the price is 40 kuna.

Taxi service is also available throughout the day. The price of taxi service from the airport to Dubrovnik is 220 - 300 kuna, depending on which part of town the hotel is located in.


Molunat is a fishing and tourist settlement in the extreme south of the Croatian coastline at the distance of 40 km SE from Dubrovnik and 20 km from the airport and from Cavtat. It is connected by bus lines few times a day to Cavtat, Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Airport.

To/From Molunat



From Dubrovnik to Molunat directions here.

Rent-a-Car Dubrovnik-Molunat here.


From Dubrovnik - timetable here. Info phone +385 20 441444.

Is it allowed for family/friends to meet me on checkpoints?

Yes. However, it’s against the rules if family and friends offers food or equipment because it’s considered third party support. Rule #5

Is it allowed to sleep in a bush, by the road, on bus station or is it mandatory to choose hotel?

HC is self supported race and riders decide by themselves where and when to sleep, where to eat and when to stop. Hotel or apartment is not mandatory, it’s all about your own preferences and equipment you have with you. If you have a sleeping bag or bivy you can crash wherever you feel like but be sure you are far away from the road and try to find some kind of shelter /otherwise it’s a big chance that police might stop by to greet you.

My friend owns apartment, can I rest/sleep there?

All commercially available accommodations are allowed, as long as it’s available for all racers. If your friend own apartment for private purposes and offers only to you, in that case is against the rules.

What if someone offers me food/drink on the road?

Refuse. If someone stops you, (dotwatcher i.e.) and offer you any kind of support, including drink and food, it’s a big chance you will get penalty for that, or even disqualification. If you stop in caffe bar or restaurant and someone buy you a sandwich or drink, that is allowed because it’s commercially available location.

Can I change bicycle in case of irreparable damage?

No. This is worst scenario for a racer, in situations when bicycle is not possible to repair to continue the race, racer must contact organiser to inform about withdrawal from the race.

I have a sponsor, can I advertise him on jersey or bicycle?

Yes. The sponsorship of any kind is allowed and racers are encouraged to finance their participations through sponsorships. There is no strict jersey obligatory, nor racers must wear official HC jersey.
Bicycle and outfit can be custom made to promote any sponsor or message. However, if it contain any offensive, political or any extreme message (including religious) will be restricted, in worst scenario it can lead to disqualification. Look at Rule #8
It’s also allowed to make your own media material before, during and after the race free to use in commercial purpose. Official HC media material is not allowed in those purpose due copyrights, in such situation better contact organizer.

I have a media crew, can they follow me?

In such situation contact organizer to provide more information about general idea and planned method.