HARD CRO is an international ultramarathon cycling race in Croatia. Event is organised in June, before the peak of tourist season, with the intention of repeating it each year. The challenge consists of completing the race in less than 5 days, cycling through the most attractive locations of the country, from south to west, north and east, stretching through Croatia, solo or pairs and self supported. Welcome!


HARD CRO 2017 enters as first self supported race in qualifying races for
Race Across America!

In mutual efforts and goals to build stronger awareness about ultra cycling, this collaboration perfectly landed for sport in general, to reach these goals faster and better. Recognised as a sports event that meets RAAM criteria, this is also recognition to our sponsors and supporters who contribute in building and maintaining race quality while constantly improving. We thank you for continuous endorsement.

It's a game changer.

What does it mean for HC racers actually?
The rules stay the same, the time limits stay the same, for "HARD CRO finisher" title. Anyone wants to use this "wild card " for future RAAM editions must meet new recommended time limits, that will be announced soon after official confirmation.
This is huge advantage because it makes financially and logistically much easier to qualify, so racers can easily focus on financing RAAM and looking for sponsors to support them.

General informations how to qualify for RAAM here: